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The School of Chinese Medicine of The University of Hong Kong was established early in 1998 to offer part-time certificate & diploma courses and undergraduate programmes as well as to promote interdisciplinary research on Chinese medicine. It was later restructured in 2002, with its own teaching block founded in the University. The School is currently under the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine and its teaching, clinical service and research are developing progressively.
The teaching of the School is primarily featured by clinical practicum in Chinese Medicine with the incorporation of modern medical sciences. All teaching staff in our School has received comprehensive education in Chinese Medicine universities in Mainland China and all of them have substantial medical teaching and research experience locally and overseas. With remarkable achievements in teaching, clinical practice and research, the School is developing rapidly over the years.
The University of Hong King, founded in 1911, is Hong Kong’s first and foremost tertiary institution, It has ten faculties and tens of research centres. Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine is one of the best-equipped medical education and research centres in the region.
The School of Chinese Medicine, sharing resources of the University and the Faculty, aims at delivering quality teaching and nurturing graduates with international perspective and professional knowledge in the modernization of Chinese Medicine.
The three core visions of the School include: Nurturing quality professionals in Chinese Medicine, achieving modernization of Chinese medicine through scientific research and providing quality clinical services to the community. In addition to the current professional training provided, the School aspires to become a modernized and international institution dedicating to Chinese Medicine education and research through an integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine culture and modernized approach, a combination of teaching, research and clinical services, and professional training in both Hong Kong and Mainland.

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